Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

A day that is so close to my heart. A disease that hits closer to home than many will ever know.

A walk back to February 7, 1992, the death of my favorite Uncle. What... he died of what? What the hell is AIDS? Why didn't he tell us he was dying? Dammit.... he is too young to die. Dammit, I feel cheated, he didn't get to meet his niece and nephew; my children.

No cure, nothing they can do except give you your t-cells count and death would soon be knocking on your door. You hid everything from your family as you felt it would ease our pain; WRONG! I so wanted to be there for you. Dammit, you cheated my emotions. I still long for you, cry thinking about your kind soul and those warm eyes that I know you would use to communicate with me.

You were considered an outcast, a freak, a disease, a queer, a fag... no, you were my Uncle and I loved you so. I loved the fact that you found love as you saw fit, that makes me proud to know I was related to you.

To my dear Uncle, Thomas C. Jackson, I will see you on the other side and boy will we have so much to catch up on.

I love and miss you more and more everyday.

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katie said...

Days like this are a confirmation that we have so far to go in terms of human rights and medical research. I can't imagine living with a terminal illness that brings shame and embarrassment. May you find peace today. ♥