Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon, Fort Chiswell Pioneers and the HOKIES!

This past weekend was probably one of the busiest weekends I have had in a long time. I didn't really see my house until Sunday.

Thursday night, Kristin and I ventured to Christiansburg, VA to see New Moon. Regal Cinemas deserves an award for being the most organized I have ever seen. Upon arriving at 10:00pm ish, I showed my Fandango tickets and we were immediately sent to our assigned theatre - Aud12. We were allowed to immediately enter the Auditorium and begin our wait for the 12:01am showing. After about 10 minutes of being seated, in comes a refreshment cart! What? It comes to me? Awesome. I wanted a popcorn with butter but all of the popcorn on the cart was plain. Believe it or not, the wonderful girl uses her headset to call for a medium popcorn with butter to be brought to Aud 12 (to me). Less than 2 minutes, I had my corn. AMAZING! It was warm and yummy! (of course I was still full from Red Robin but I let it marinade until the movie started. You know what I mean, waiting for the butter to begin coagulating! MMMM MMMM . . . I could hear my arteries gasping..

The auditorium I was in was nicknamed by me as an all girls dor
m at Va. tech. TONS and TONS of college girls. I think there were 3-4 guys and I know I was the oldest one in there. My daughter fell asleep during the movie for about 15 minutes but then awakened for the excitement at the end. I absolutely LOVE the Twilight series and New Moon was excellent. I honestly cannot wait until Eclipse.

Here are Kristin and I before leaving for the movie. I am so ready to see it again. I will probably wait about a week or so before going again!
Last Friday night we went for some more Friday Night Lights at Chilhowie High School for playoffs. Fort Chiswell beat Chilhowie and will host Radford High School this Friday Night. Blackout at the FORT! Go PIONEERS!!!

Last Saturday we headed to Virginia Tech for the last football home game of the season against NC State. We had a blast. We tailgated in Chicken Hill and got to spend some quality time with a distant member of our family . . . The Hokie bird!

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