Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burgermeister, MeisterBurger . . .

My son's sole responsibility at Wendy's is making burgers.

Numerous things come to mind, the Burgermeister, Cheeseburger Eddie (the Longest Yard), just to name a few. . .


Things I did not know about Wendys:

- Their burgers really are NEVER frozen.
- They are cooked in a press and take approximately 45 seconds to a minute to cook!
- Mustard is squeezed on in the shape of a W
- Ketchup is spread on with a spatula
- Each burger only gets 2 pickles. If you get more than 2, you got something free!
- Chili is actually made at the restaurant.

Now, I am sure you are so enlightened that you simply must visit Wendy's for a fresh never frozen burger. Remember it is Wendy's 40th Anniversary.


Melis B said...

You are TOO funny! very insightful!!

Annie said...

Cool! I had no idea :)

And congrats on having an employed son. That's always good!