Friday, October 30, 2009

My new favorite song

This is my new favorite song....

Fireflies by Owl City

Another fav is Justin Bieber and One time! Such a little cutie!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kristin Lizabeth

2009-2010 School year: 8th grade

It is so hard for me to believe that 14 years ago tonight at midnight, I work up with contractions. After pacing and trying to convince myself that this was the moment for her arrival, I woke my husband and said the proverbial, "Honey, its time".

We proceeded to pack a bag for me; which I had not done. I grabbed my baby bag and put them in the car. I came back to wake up my 2 1/2 year old son for his unexpected trip to Grandma's; at 12:30am.

We arrived at Winchester Medical Center (pre Valley Health Systems) at 12:45am and at 1:14am, Kristin Lizabeth Sweet was born!

Happy 14th birthday Kristin!
We love you!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Closing our Pond

It is that time of year when we have to close our pond down due to the onset of cold weather. Fall is here and honestly, I think old man winter is trying to cramp his style!

After my husband and son put the netting over the pond; saying goodbye and goodnight until next Spring, a furry little creature began exploring. We have these caterpillars (I have always called them woolly bears) all over the place. Its like it is the invasion of the Woolly Bears! They are all over the ground, the carport and our steps leading into the house. Kristin stepped on one yesterday and boy what a big mess something so little and cute can make! I have always heard that the colors of the woolly bear predict the winter to come. The longer the black segments on the ends of the caterpillar, the harsher the coming winter. It looks like to me, not a harsh winter at all. Good thing the brown doesn't signify the winter to come; we would get slammed.

We also noticed that another one of our pond inhabitants had made it above the netting!

Lastly, a picture of the sunrise last week. I stepped outside just before leaving for work and could not believe what I was seeing. It truly looks like the sky is on fire . . .. simply beautiful!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burgermeister, MeisterBurger . . .

My son's sole responsibility at Wendy's is making burgers.

Numerous things come to mind, the Burgermeister, Cheeseburger Eddie (the Longest Yard), just to name a few. . .

Things I did not know about Wendys:

- Their burgers really are NEVER frozen.
- They are cooked in a press and take approximately 45 seconds to a minute to cook!
- Mustard is squeezed on in the shape of a W
- Ketchup is spread on with a spatula
- Each burger only gets 2 pickles. If you get more than 2, you got something free!
- Chili is actually made at the restaurant.

Now, I am sure you are so enlightened that you simply must visit Wendy's for a fresh never frozen burger. Remember it is Wendy's 40th Anniversary.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Matt working at Wendy's

Here are two pics we managed to get just before he got off of work.

He was a little miffed because he had to work on Friday night during the Blackout at "The Fort". It was the rival game of the Fort Chiswell Pioneers vs. the George Wythe Maroons. After 13 years (last Pioneers win against the Maroons was 1996) the FORT CHISWELL PIONEERS prevailed!

There were over 4,000 people at this game. I think it may have been the entire Wythe County population....hehehe just kidding!

We were nice parents and sent him quarterly text updates. After he got off work at 10:15pm, he headed to the school ( 5 minutes from work) to celebrate with his classmates!

After midnight, Matt and Seth came to the house to fill us in on all the fun! (Sitting in the parking lot recanting all of the big plays of the night with random football players).

Seeing your Son happy is the most priceless thing ever!

BFFF - Matt & Seth

Matt and his bestest friend in the world - Seth.

(the sad part, Seth is a Senior and Matt is a Junior. . . It has been so tough already).

I swear these two share the same brain!!!Here they are making fun of all the Fort Chiswell girls and their "My Space" photos.