Monday, July 27, 2009

Just you and I . . .

The Sweet children are growing up and Mom is no longer cool. Yes, it is very sad but at times, it is quite nice. An empty house with just JD and I and we get so much done and no arguing. No Kristin back talking and no Matt asking for money, money, money...

This past Saturday, JD and I were taking the kids fishing since we haven't been since we moved to Southwest VA. I was totally looking forward to this as the gardening/canning is kicking my butt. The kids decided on Wednesday that they were going to the New River Valley fair instead of fishing on saturday. Not a problem we both agreed. Therefore, JD and I went on a date.

We got up early on Saturday and headed to Gatewood reservoir in Pulaski, VA (about 20 minutes from our house). We rented a boat and headed out. We didn't catch much but we had a wonderful, relaxing time. JD caught one bass and I caught a bass and a perch. I even bait my own hook (it is still gross) and I take all my fish off as well. The best part is the boat rental (boat, motor, battery, life jackets and floating pillows) is $2.00 the first hour and $1.20 every hour after that. Can you say CHEAP FUN!!!

Just a quick pic of the veggies I recently got out of the garden. So far this year I have canned 50quarts of green beans (they are done; thank goodness), 6 pints of peas, 20 pints of pinto beans, 20 quarts of pickles and 15 quarts of spaghetti sauce. The garden is still producing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Our squash and zucchini (which we usually have tons of) haven't been doing very well. The rain we got the entire month of June into July really hurt them. They are just now trying to come back. I guess no zucchini bread this year...dangit! The corn is done and we pulled all of the stalks out yesterday. We got about 4 dozen ears. The popcorn is next. It looks like I will have more than enough popcorn to last through the winter. Well, maybe!

The Sunflower Invasion

I planted Sunflowers for the first time this year. (I know, the gardening we do and I have never planted them). Last year we tried but the deer ate them. This year . . . they look like Jack could climb them to see the giant!

Matt is standing beside the tallest one in our garden and he is 5'11" tall.