Monday, June 8, 2009

Work and more work . .

OK, I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time. I am not doing it intentionally, however, between work (the one that pays) and my work at home, I have no time for anything else. Well, except for Facebook ~ my new love! I am totally addicted to facebook. As some of you may know, I am so nosy and it really does fuel my nosiness.

A couple weeks ago, JD and I put new mulch around the pond. It really needed this facelift!

Oh look, Kristin helping with the Mulch. We took a picture because she never helps with the yardwork! She was using her feet to push the mulch down...yea, not a big help!

My daughter growing up. YIKES!!!

Kristin taking pictures of the sky. . . . actually I thought this was simply beautiful.

Over the weekend, I got a nice burn thanks to over 6 hours of mowing on Saturday. On Sunday, JD and I spent some quality time in the garden. I picked peas, more radishes (the size of a plum), spring onions and a 5 gallon bucket of lettuce. Thanks to the wildlife netting fence we put up, the deer are staying out and our garden looks so plentiful!!! Look out canner, here I come!

This weekend we have JD's Dad, two sisters and two nephews and a niece coming to spend the weekend with us. I hope it doesn't rain!!! I really don't know what we will all do as there isn't a whole lot here to do. Oh well, we will spend some quality time visiting!

I hope everyone is doing well!!!


Melis B said...

yay! I'm glad your back...I have missed keeping up with you. tell everyone i said hi!

have a great week.

Amanda said...

Wow, lots of yard work. That is great that the deer are staying away this year. Nothing like working hard on something and something so innocent come along to ruin it.

That is too cute how Kristin "helped".