Monday, June 29, 2009

Another weekend gone . .

Geez, where is the time going? June is adios!

Kristin has to get all four wisdom teeth cut out on Friday so we will be taking it easy this holiday weekend. My poor baby!

JD and Matt will be going to the monster truck show here in the NRV at the Shelor Motor Mile Speedway JD's dad and friend of the family Robert and son will be coming down on Friday to spend the weekend with us and attend the Monster Truck show. Kristin and I are going to stay home and take it easy, however, I will probably be taking it easy while mowing, gardening, baking, cleaning, laundry, etc...

This past weekend I made a scrumptious cole slaw. Everything was from my garden. It truly makes me feel so accomplished when I can use my veggies for such goodness! I also made a blueberry pie from my berry bushes as well.

I am looking for some good recipes for Blueberries (cakes, cupcakes, etc...) and Raspberries (cakes, cupcakes, etc...) if anyone has any they would like to share!

I so feel like Martha Stewart it isn't even funny.

I picked green beans for the first time this weekend and have a crock pot of them cooking as I type this with a big ham hock in them! I am so pumped for them when I get home - yummy!

We also had fried squash last night (Thanks to Kristin and her wonderful talent of cooking fried squash). Good ole country cooking!!!

Gardening = Happiness for me!


Melis B said...

Hey Girl!

I have two recipes for Blueberry Buckle and a raspberry trifle if you want them? Let me know and I will email you at work tomorrow! :)


Amanda said...

MMMMMM, homemade cole slaw and even better, stuff used from your own garden. Yummy!