Monday, March 16, 2009

What's going on?

The Sweet Family hasn't been doing too awlful much lately.

We have been enjoying the sprouting of Spring life from all of our gardens.

We have been working around our pond due to noticing it is not holding water. We put in a new pump, however, it only stays at a certain level. After JD spending numerous hours looking around the perimeter of the tubs, etc... he finally found the leak and has fixed it on Friday before the weekend rain. Now the pond is holding water! Good thing too as I was ready to bulldoze it in!

The frogs are enjoying it as well as I hear them in it every evening singing their mating tunes. UGH...

We have also been working on a fence around the garden in order to keep the deer from snacking on our plants again. Last year I think they envisioned this HUGE salad. Therefore, after researching some fences on the web, we have recreated a fence that costed us $160.00 at Lowe's. (The websites I researched all wanted about $1,000.00 for a fence for the size of our garden (and that is downsizing immensely). Crazy I know. However, THRIFTY on our part!!!

Once it is done, I will share pics in case anyone would like to replicate the idea.

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Amanda said...

Sounds great, getting ready for the warmer weather. I can't wait until the weather is "stable" enough around here to start working in the yard. You just never know when one last snow fall will come around between now and early April.