Friday, March 20, 2009

Cassell Bound - 'edited'

We went to Cassell stadium to see the Hokies play the Baylor Bears. Unfortunately, the Hokies suffered a brutal loss to the Bears.

This was the first every basketball game I have been to and I must say, it won't be the last. We had the best time. We sat 9 rows from the court and were right behind the Hokies!!! I was PUMPED. I also got a great seat where I could stare at AD Vassallo It was also sad to see him leave the court since he is a Senior. I guess I need to find a new fav. The best part was the tickets were only $15.00 each. We even made Matt go. (yes, he was suffering wearing his burgundy nike shirt . no HOKIE gear).

After the game, we headed over the Bull & Bones for a late lunch. This place has the best food ever!!! . As we were leaving, we noticed that they are building another restaurant that we will MOST CERTAINLY be visiting; Beamers (Frank Beamer's Restaurant) when it opens!

Once we got home, we began putting up the fence around the garden and finished it on Sunday. It took no time at all and we think this may be a good start to keeping out those varmits!

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~Billie~ said...

Are you going?!? How exciting! Have fun.