Monday, February 9, 2009

~ Daddy's Girl ~

JD and Kristin went to see the Hokies beat NC State on Sunday, February 8, 2009.

We could only get two tickets so I felt JD and Kristin should go. I stayed home and watched it on tv with Matt rooting for the Wolf Pack. However, the Hokies came back and beat NC State in overtime! It was truly a nailbiter.

Here are some pics of JD and Kris leaving for the game!

Here they are coming home!


Amanda said...

Its great that they were able to spend time together (and even more for you to sacrafice the ticket so they can go together).

~Billie~ said...

Aww!! A Daddy/daughter moment. How cute! I hope they enjoyed the game and I'm sure they enjoyed the one-on-one time together.

Annie said...

Ahh that's awesome! I think father/daughter events of any form are very cool!