Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gotta get caught up!

I cannot believe that I have totally sucked at blogging this month. I totally forgot to mention my family birthdays which I feel like crap about. Therefore . . .

Jan 1: Happy Birthday Kelby!!!

Jan 13: Happy Birthday Danukus!!!

We love you both and are very sorry I forgot to call and showcase your big days!!!

Also, CONGRATULATIONS Kelby for making the FCMS V-Ball Team! I wish I could be there to see you play.

JD and I took the kids to the movies this past Saturday to see My Bloody Valentine 3D. It was a great movie; I was pleasantly surprised. However, my biggest surprise was not the movie but the price. A matinee price (because I am to chicken shit to go at night) is $5.00 per person but because it is 3D, they add another $3.50. Thats fine but shouldn't that be something that is advertised with the movie. Like a caption "Prices may vary due to 3D viewing". Funny thing about those 3D glasses, everyone in the theatre was taking pictures of each other in these things. I will have to post the pic I took of Matt at home after the movie with them on. He is such a dork!

Unfortunately on Sunday, I was sick. I had this gawd awlful stomach bug that caused me to lose 2 lbs. I actually did not go to work on Monday and slept all day. Luckily I am starting to feel more like myself!

The kids have been off all week due to the "threat" of snow. My kids have missed a total of 9 snow days from this school year. Yes, I said 9. They now have 4 days to make up. Can anyone say "Goodbye Spring Break!"
I forgot to poston January 16 that I celebrated 3 years smoke free. For me, this is a huge accomplishment that I am extremely proud of! My son kept telling me how proud he was of me. too funny!
Barack H. Obama
44th President of the United States

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Pics

To reiterate on a previous post, our trip to Winchester was FANTASTIC – AMAZING – WONDERFUL – I could keep going, really. It was a visit that I truly was in dire need of! We took the dogs for the visit as well. Here is a pic of Matt entertaining Stewart and Max enjoying the road trip.

Matt and Kristin together in a picture smiling not fighting? Priceless!
While catching up with my family, I sat somewhat mesmerized by the noticeable aging of my family. I felt somewhat left out; out of the loop of what was going on while I am living away from everyone. Like the weekly phone calls are not enough.

Here are a few pics of the kids and their Christmas. Matt had a very Mountaineer Christmas. From his WVU fathead to his WVU flat billed hat.

Kristin on the other hand was all about the boots with the fur and clothes. She also managed to snag three more SIMS computer games.

Also are some pics of Christmas at the Sweets’. Kristin is holding JD’s mom and dads jack Russell Queenie and our Stewart. (they came from the same breeder and we call them bro and sis however, it is obvious they aren’t from the same litter).

JD and I really didn’t exchange gifts as our love is all we need….hehehe. However, we did give the kids our debit card and let them buy us gifts. YES, they were given a limit and they both did fantastic! JD was spoiled with Virginia Tech t-shirts and Armani cologne. I got a snowman snow globe, Victoria secret lotions, perfumes, and my Tyrod Taylor Jersey!!!!

I absolutely love the holidays but am a little glad when it is over. With the unexpected loss of my Grandmother and more travel, I was worn out.

NOW, lets see some SNOW!!! Speaking of SNOW, we got an inch on Thursday and I made a little snowman while I was out with the dogs. Now, isn’t that the cutest snowman ever?
The kids were laughing at him all day while they were home from school; again! (I think this is 5 days missed this school year).