Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Manhunt for deadly shooting suspect in Wythe Co.

Well all, take a look at the excitement 3 miles from my home.

Thanks to this jerk, I got about 3 hours sleep due to a terrified child that couldn't sleep due to all of the helicopters flying over. Weirdest observation of the night: Every night I go to bed, surrounding neighbors dogs are barking non stop. It is an every evening ritual that I have to shush my dogs due to the surrounding dogs getting them all upset and they begin to bark. However, last night, not a peep was heard from neighborhood dogs!

Updated 7:55 Scott Leamon
Neighbors in the Barren Springs area hope police catch up with Doug Jaccard soon and hope he’s put behind bars for a long time.Neighbors described having run-ins with him where he waved guns, threatened to kill them, and cursed them.Wythe County deputies paid Jaccard a visit on Sunday and Monday but on both days didn’t have enough evidence to arrest him for any crimes.
Wythe County sheriff Doug King shared with me the incredible story of Jaccard’s evading capture.King and other deputies went to one of Jaccard’s neighbors home after a 911 caller said he was in the neighbor’s home shooting.No one could find Jaccard when deputies arrived, King said.Figuring he might’ve retreated to his home, King said he and deputies put together a plan.They decided to try and surround Jaccard’s home but walked into a trap.King said Jaccard fired two shots at police. He took up a position in the woods near the river not far from his home.One of the shots hit Pulaski County deputy J.A. Radcliffe in the back.Radcliffe was the first officer on the scene, King said.Another member of Wythe County’s tactical unit stationed away from other officers aimed his rifle at Jaccard after spotting him near an embankment near the New River.King said he gave the deputy the order to shoot to kill.The deputy shot at Jaccard twice but investigators believe he missed.They could not find any blood or other evidence Jaccard had been hit.Jaccard rolled down the embankment, which was a steep decline approximately 100 yards long, and was never seen again.One deputy remarked he couldn’t believe Jaccard didn’t injure himself rolling down the bank.King said a tracker from the conservation police followed Jaccard’s path into Pulaski County where they lost his trail.King said it was the third time in his career he had been shot at.
Updated 7:15 p.m.
Wythe Co. Sheriff Douglas King tells 10 On Your Side that officers are being pulled out of the woods for the night. He says the darkness and not knowing if the suspect is armed make conditions too dangerous.
Sheriff King says every law enforcement officer available will be out patroling tonight, and extra officers are being called in.
As for the people who live on Dyer Rd., King says they will not be allowed to return to their homes until after investigators are finished with the crime scene. However, the Sheriff recommends that people living in that area not return until Douglas Jaccard is caught.
The Sheriff says he has spoken with Wythe County Schools Superintendent Dr. Albert S. Armentrout about their plans for tomorrow, but says it’ll be up to the superintendent to determine whether to open or close school.
King says officers will be back in the woods searching as soon as daylight breaks.
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Annie said...

Holy crap!

Amanda said...

That's horriable! I hope they catch that guy!

Kelly A said...

Man...that's scary. I would have been up all night too.

I hope they catch him asap!