Thursday, November 20, 2008

A little of this and a little of that!

What a week it has been. From COLD to SNOW to COLD.

Here are a few pics of the snow that closed the kids school on Tuesday...Taking a pic while driving... safe huh?

The back yard that faces the New River

The snow amounted to NOTHING! Just raging flurries!

Here is Kris with her hair colored . . well, we put it back to the original color.

On to Matt's driving. OMG, I must have been reincarnated as a human from a cat. I know this because I should have died again last weekend. JD was treated to the "scare the shit out of you driving" that I have been so gracious to keep to myself until now. I feel he needs to get the full experience that I am exposed to! Now I know why they have to drive so many hours and wait so long to get their drivers licenses!!! I am totally serious when I say that my mother deserves an award for being the most patient parent. ME, I just wanna live; screw patience!

BRING BACK IN SCHOOL BEHIND THE WHEEL!!! I taught him to walk, talk, respect but I will be damn if I signed on to be a Drivers Ed teacher... hehehe...just kidding!


Michael B said...

you are hilarious! i am totally laughing out loud and dreading the day that our sons start to drive...and, we've got awhile!

still laughing,


Amanda said...

Maybe that's why they took drivers ed away from the schools because of all the heartattacks?!?! Well, hang in there. It almost over right?