Friday, November 21, 2008

Keep it comin'!

10pm Thursday, November 20 - Snow again! YIIPPEE!!!!

This morning, before my husbands 5am alarm went off, we were forced awake by Kristin's banter of, "NO SCHOOL MOM"! uh huh... thats twice this week!

Oh look, here is her four-wheeler covered with the morning fun! WHOOPS . . I think someone forgot to put it away like she was supposed to.

We got about 2 inches and I was hoping for more. Crazy thing is, today is the first day of Winter and we have gotten the heavenly white stuff twice already. . . Winter is looking up! NOW, bring on the snow in feet!!!
On another tangent, last nights Survivor was by far the FUNNIEST episode in Survivor history. Kudos Sugar for that blindside!!! The Survivor finale and Reunion will totally be must-see TV!!!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Wow! Here in MA we have only had flurries fall, but nothing sticking to the ground. That's crazy!