Monday, November 10, 2008

I love great weekends!!!

This past weekend was a great weekend. Not only is gas at $1.97/gallon but both kids did some interesting things.

Matt got his learners' permit on Saturday and spent the whole weekend chauffeuring me around. I will say that he only just about killed us once on Sunday.. While merging onto I81 there were two tractor and trailers side by side approaching the onramp and I told him either gas it or slow down and wait until they pass. He decided to pull out (going about 55mph and said out loud, they will just have to slow we hear the horns blaring and I turn to see the truck literally hairs from my bumper. I know I puked in my mouth and thought I saw a white light leading down a tunnel.... geez!

(Note to self: Call my mom and thank her for her patience while I was learning how to drive. Also, apologize to her for constantly laughing at her and her imaginary break she would ram through the floor everytime I drove).

Kristin decided to get all of her hair cut off like the pop singer Rhianna. I really think it looks amazing. It must be nice to be able to have all your hair cut off and still look good! I remember when my mother decided to take me to a friend of hers that cut hair and she literally butchered me. It was so short that I went to the pool the same day and could shake my hair dry upon exiting the pool. I always looked like a boy growing up and thanks to mom and the love for short hair.... No wonder I was so rebellious and mean . . . it was the short hair!

Lastly, we rented some movies over the weekend but one of them was so disturbing that I am still having nightmares, hallucinations, etc...

The Strangers is a very disturbing movie that my son literally left the room and could not finish watching. He LIVES for the Saw movies but totally could not make it through this one. I barely did. I don't know if it is because it was based on true events or what but it was S_C_A_R_Y!!

We also rented Joy Ride 2 which wasn't as real nor was it as disturbing.

Tonight I am hoping to watch the HULK with Edward Norton...mmmm mmmm mmmm


Amy (wattsup) said...

Ok - the story about Matt driving - HILARIOUS! OMG! Way too funny. Of course I'm SO happy that everything turned out fine, but your description of how you felt was hysterical :) Kristen's haor does look super cute! She's got the perfect girlie face to rock that style :) I vow to never rent "The Strangers" ;) HUGS! Amy

Melis B said...

Holy cow your kids are growing up. K's hair looks great, it makes her look older out for those boys!!

Glad you had a super weekend.
Miss you,

Amanda said...

What a close call on the highway. Such an innocent driver too that Matt is. Yikes! I'm just glad you were able to kiss the ground after the driving experiance.

Kristin looks fantastic! She is so lucky to be able to go from long hair to short hair and look great.

Kelly A said...

OMG....I Have been trying to get the Strangers from Redbox since it came out. Now I REALLY can't wait to see it!!!!

I thought the HULK was GREAT!! I love Edward Norton too!! Hottie!! :)