Monday, October 6, 2008

Whew, that one really flew by!

This past weekend was great. The weather was amazing and it was overall good times!

JD and I of course went out and had a great time. I just wish one time I could go out and nothing "weird" would happen. To sum it up: Downtime Roanoke is a DUMP! OMG, I was totally waiting to hear gunshots.

We did eat at Hooters and the food and service were fantastic. We got to the Center for Performing Arts Theatre at the Roanoke Civic Center and sat in the parking lot for a bit to check people out. That was the first eye opener. We then ventured inside into a very nice theatre. Upon finding out seats (which were horrible), we settled in not knowing what was in store.
There was one opening act and his name was Alex Reymundo and he was absolutely hysterical. Here he is signing autographs on his comedy CD. I tried to get better pictures but he was so hyper.

In front of us sat a young couple that I think thought they were at the Motel 6. The lady beside me was talking about her new knees and constantly blowing her nose...eeewww. Then we had a smart ass behind us that the more he drank the louder he got; moron.
And then . . the drunk couple. They were so embarassing. The couple directly behind them put up with it for a LONG time. Then, he leaned forward and I didn't hear the conversation but I can imagine what was said. After they just about got into a fight, they decided to leave. Gawd, she was so drunk she apparently couldn't remember who she was there to see since she kept yelling out Get' R Done... uh, thats Larry the Cable Guy you LUSH! As she got up to leave, her pants fell down and her left boob was hanging out. Her boyfriend decided to tell the man behind him goodbye by showing him he was # 1; numerous times. Then he grabbed himself, cussed him and again doubly told the man that he was still #1. He then stumbled down the stairs never to be heard from again!
One couple brought their little boy (no older than 8 ). I am sure they don't remember much of the comedy due to spending more time running in and out of the theatre due to the vulgarity and subject matter. I guess the wording on the website and the ticket, FOR MATURE AUDIENCES didn't ring a bell with them. I will say that Ron White was at his BEST! I love his comedy and enjoyed every minute of it but I know if the lights were on, you could have seen me blush! WHEW!!! Some of his material is just brilliant!

The show was over at 8:50pm. We had no longer pulled out of the parking lot and hear eerrcchh, BANG! Two cars behind us someone slammed into the back of another car. It was horrible! I totally freaked out but was glad it wasn't us!

Upon arriving home, both kids were in bed! We were so sad because we wanted to share in our excitement of our night!
Sunday was SPORTS watchin' day!

Here is Matt's stuff as he was watching his WVU Game. He does this every time he watches them!

Also, GO REDSKINS!!! Its nice of you to finally give your very faithful fans a winning season. The last time the Redskins were at the superbowl was in 1992. Therefore, we have been OH SO PATIENT; we want a superbowl!!!

We watched some of the race at Talladega but a Red flag on lap 14 took out most of the drivers so we totally didn't want to watch any more!
I went outside exploring nature as it begins its decent into Fall/Winter hibernation. Here are a few of my pics:

I also picked some acorns, seed pods and berries for an old jar in the kitchen; love the orange and brown.


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Amanda said...

Sounds like you had some interesting people watching at your show. Its too bad that drunks ruin if for others, def ones who can't remember who they are watching!

Yeah, downtown Roanoke is def a place you want to keep an eye out for your surroundings!

Beautiful fall picture of the field. Love it!