Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daddy's dreams come true!

Daddy's little girl (and his wife) have expressed interest in going hunting!

JD was almost brought to tears when he heard her say she would like to start hunting. Matt of course, rolled his eyes but JD, WHOO... he look like a kid in a candy store when she said it. He ran and got the gun and bullets and began giving her "safety" lessons and instructions on shooting, etc... it was so cute!

She shot about 25 rounds and hit 4 on the target. Not bad in my book for a first time. I shot 1 round and hit the target. . . .dead ringer! My son was in awe at how good I was. Then he was mad when I shot his bow and hit almost dead center of the target. (really he was mad at the fact that I could pull it back).

I am also going to venture out into the woods this weekend to begin learning the fine art of hunting. My plan is to bow hunt. JD is again, very excited. He didn't know how to act when I told him I wanted to start hunting. BUT (yes, there is a BUT in this equation), I told him I could NOT be involved in the gutting, skinning, etc.... eeewww...!

Kristin said it best, "Mom, you are too much of a girl to do that." My reply was, YES I AM!

I looked at Kristin and told her that I could not wait to go buy her her first Camo outfit for hunting. She replied with: ME TOO! I can't wait to accessorize my outfit with a headband, earrings and makeup. I wish I could have captured JD's face! Matt did the usual rolling of the eyes and laughed.

A beautiful sunrise on a brisk morning.


Amanda said...

So funny! That is so great how excited JD got when Kristin and you showed interest in something he enjoys. Keep us posted how you do this weekened too!

Annie said...

LOL - Fun post! Would have loved to seen the look on JD's face when he realized that his little hunting girl can't wait to accessorize! Love it!