Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It has been VERY COLD here in Southwest VA.

I went outside this morning at 6:30am and this is what I saw:

UH HUH. . . .SNOW flurries. I was SOOOOOOOOO excited. Funny thing though, as JD was leaving for work I said to him, wouldn't it be cool if it was snowing. He laughed at me and said, yea right.

I showed the kids the snow pics and Matt said, "That should be enough to close school!" UH NO. Here they really don't close school...just LOTS and LOTS of 2 hr delay days.

Here is another pic but it is harder to see: (click the pic to enlarge and you can see it better).



Melis B said...

You are too funny!! Enjoy this FREEZING weather!!!


Kelly A said...

This COLD weather makes me VERY crabby. I am SO not enjoying it!!

I think it came just a little too fast!!

It would have been cool to have seen some snow though!!

I am glad you all liked SAW!! My husband and I are horror film freaks!!! LOVE them :)

Amanda said...

We had a threat of snow from last night, but we didn't receive anything....just rain.