Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Old or Unaware?

I decided to watch the VMA awards Sunday night because the kids wanted to watch and said come on mom, you like music. I, of course, oblighed!
Can I say, OMG and WTF is this world coming to? I am either getting OLD or I am totally unaware of what my kids are watching when they watch music videos.

Whatever happened to the day when all you worried about was a transvestite and his band...hence Culture Club (my 80's craze) or that your son wanted long, blonde hair like the rockers of Poison?

I was completely and utterly embarrassed watching the VMA's. Whoever this Russell Brand is that hosted the VMA's - burn him at the stakes! He was foul, vulgar and totally not funny! Demi Moore couldn't remember a microphone and Lil' Wayne couldn't keep his pants on and was consumed with trying to find his willy! He cussed, screamed and not a word was understood. After a few more nasty sex jokes about the Jonas Brothers and it was off to bed.

My kids can laugh all they want at the music I listen to but I will guarantee the people that sang/sing it can keep their clothes on during a performance!


Amanda said...

We dvr'd the music awards and we haven't gotten to it yet, but I can imagine what was going on. I don't even know who the host was or what he does (sing, act, etc).

Each year that show pushes the limits and its getting out of control! But, I tend to want to watch it every year. I'm stuck in the middle.

Amy (wattsup) said...

Um, you took EVERY SINGLE WORD right out of my mouth! I couldn't agree with you more...SERIOUSLY! I was over at a friends and I stayed there LATE just so that I didn't miss the beginning of the VMA's - well, I could not have been more disappointed or offended...it sounds like you wnet to bed at about the same time I decided to throw in the towel and drive home! GREAT POST!

Amy :)

Michael B said...

I'm so out of it--I probably wouldn't have even known what the VMA's were, if you had not elaborated more. I'm "too old"...and definitely unaware!