Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been tagged!

Thanks Annie for the Tag. Here are 7 random factoids about me! Well, I am going to start with 4 as I am having a hard time coming up with the other 3. I will think about the others and try to complete them tomorrow!

1. I failed Kindergarten because I was too shy. I would make myself sick and I would cry every day just to go home.

2. I scream like a girl when I touch a spider web. EWWW. I always seem to walk right into them and then scramble and scream trying to get them off of my face, arms, everywhere!!!

3. As a young child, approximately 4-6 yrs old, my mother had to tape bows to my hair. I was in ballet and every recital there was some sort of headpiece that needed to be afixed with bobby pins, only, I didn't have enough hair for that. Therefore, she had to literally use scotch tape to hold them on.

4. I used to eat paper as a kid. I would eat lollipop sticks, grocery bags (brown paper) and notebook paper. I still eat the lollipop sticks but have given up everything else. Well, except the gum wrapper paper..hehehe


~Billie~ said...

Too funny! In 1st grade, I was too scared to sit with the "big kids" so I would always fake sick come lunch time.

Kelly A said...

I am the same way with spider webs. How can you NOT freak when/after waling into one??? YUCK!

Eating paper huh?? I guess it's no worse than my LOVE of the smell of rubbing alcohol!!

Amy (wattsup) said...

Um, these are some pretty interesting factoids about you missy! Thansk for is good to know that you don't eat grocery bags anymore!!!



Annie said...

Oh thank heaven! I was afraid I would be the only weird one...alas, not so, YOU are weird too! Love it! LOL!!!