Friday, August 1, 2008

T.G.I.F. - - I mean really!!!

It has been a b-u-s-y week!

Not to mention my kids are going back to school on August 27 and they have constantly reminded me that we need to go school shopping. UGH....already? Really? It also just so happens that tomorrow is "TAX FREE" day! At least I timed something right.

So far I have only bought Kristin's shoes. She just had to have "Pastries". Believe it or not, my favorite store - Finish Line had them! Because we shop there quite frequently, I had a $10.00 off coupon...score!!! (I completely hate them but its what she just had to have).
I also want to venture to Belk tomorrow morning for the 15% off already reduced prices as Matt needs golf shirts and Saddlebred at $9.99 a piece, double SCORE!
I hope everyone is surviving the heat and have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!


~Billie~ said...

Free Tax day? Is that a national thing? I may have to take advantage of that. =) I'm not looking forward to school shopping, but it looks like you found some great deals!

Amanda said...

It seems so early that school is starting later on this month. Where did the summer go? Good luch with getting all the back to school shopping done!