Monday, August 4, 2008

Tax-free except for Bookbags?

OK, this is the weirdist thing I have every heard of. It was supposed to be "Tax-Free" day this past Saturday for back to school shopping. However, I was informed that bookbags were exempt. What? Probably the ONLY real thing kids need for school and they charge tax on it. I would LOVE to know the reasoning behind this one. The only thing I can conclude is because it is like luggage? If anyone knows the reason why a bookbag would warrant tax on a "tax-free" day, please let me know.

Now on to the "Pastries" tennis shoes. I am proud to say that Kristin decided she didn't want the tennis shoes after all. (YIPPEE). She decided to go for more of a sport shoe since she has Volleyball tryouts on Thursday and Friday. Here is her new selection: The new Under Armour's. These actually looked better on her and I think she likes them better. She also picked out a new bookbag and apparantly her color for 2008 is PINK.
Matt on the other hand just got new shoes but needs a new bookbag. However, he just has to have his bookbag match his golf bag, so its off to the internet shopping I go. UGH - Kids!
After shopping on Saturday, I came home and headed for the kitchen. I canned hot peppers then made two desserts. First I made a Zucchini cake (carrot cake recipe) and make the cream cheese was FABULOUS. Secondly, I made a Blackberry dessert. It is similar to a cheesecake but much sweeter; EXTREMELY FABULOUS. These both were winners!
On Sunday we just hung out at the house working in the yard and trying to stay cool since it was so hot. To end the evening, we made homemade Vanilla Blackberry ice cream and it is YUMMY!!! (Yes, we have LOTS and LOTS of Blackberries - 4 gallons to be exact).


Amy (wattsup) said...

Um, that is quite honestly the strangest thing I have heard of as far as taxing the bookbags & annoying! Don't you love things that don't make any sense?

I like Kristen's colors for going back to school :)

Every time I read your posts - I leave hungry!!


Michael B said...

That's crazy. I looked up tax free items at the beginning of the weekend and noticed that baby clothes and LINGERIE (of all things!) were both tax free items. What sense does THAT make? = )

I like Kristin's choice in shoes--very, very cute! I hope that vball tryouts go well for her this week.


Amanda said...

Mmm, vanilla blackberry ice cream. Yummy!

Good luck to Kristin's vball try-outs this week!

That is too funny that Matt wants a bookbag to match his golf bag.