Wednesday, August 27, 2008

~ My little darlings ~

Today was the first day of school for Wythe County Public Schools. It is so weird down here with the start of school. Some counties started last Wednesday; a couple counties started their first day today and then there are a few counties that start next Tuesday after Labor Day.
Here are the children in their new school duds! Matt is of course decked out in WVU (boo hiss) and Kristin is "pretty in pink". You can't see her shirt but it is a GO GREEN shirt! She actually picked it out! (personally, I think it was because the pink lettering matched the outfit!)
JD and I seem to think that Kristin will be taller than Matt. We will have to wait and see!!!
Happy Back to School Everyone!!!


Amanda said...

I was trying to post that old staples commercial today, but it didn't work to start off the back to school season! Zack starts on Tuesday so that is weird that all the county's start on differnt days?!?!? I hope they had a great first day!

Melis B said...

Man, they are getting so big. I hope they both had a great first day! I can't wait to hear more....