Monday, August 18, 2008

Lazy days and Sunday's NEVER get me down . . .

This past weekend was my "Lazy" weekend.

Saturday I did the groceries ritual and we had to get Kristin her knee pads for Volleyball since she made the team. She is now a "Lady Pioneer". WOO HOO!! We are so excited for her first game Tuesday, August 26 (the day before school).

I canned spaghetti sauce, peaches and made my family Blackberry Surprise. Well, thats what Matt has named it.

Sunday, I literally didn't do anything but laundry. It was such a nice day that I managed to hang clothes out and have that wonderful smell permiate my closet!

I spent time playing games on the computer and watched a blast from the past movie on Starz... Sixteen Candles!
As I was watching, I kept catching myself reciting all of the lines and was amazed that I still knew them all like it was 1984. What was I doing in 1984 - Freshman in high school at John Handley.
The kids thought the movie was so lame. They both agreed that it wasn't funny nor was it entertaining at all. However, I enjoyed it and it made me feel so young again.
I managed to get into bet at 9:15pm. I totally needed the sleep. Kristin saw me heading to my bedroom and said, "Are you going to bed?" I said yes, and she busted out laughing. She then tells me its only 9:15. I said, I know and kept on going.
Both kids have been warned that starting Wednesday, they will have to resume their "school day" bed times. Kristin is going to be the challenge. Her bedtime is 9:30pm, however, during the summer, she hasnt been in bed before midnight. Matt on the other hand is easy to get into bed since he has had golf the past two weeks and has been in bed relatively early since he has to get up with me! Therefore, his 10:00 bedtime should be a piece of cake!
All I can say is WOOHOO back to SCHOOL!!!!


Kelly A said...

I LOOOOOOOVE Sixteen Candles!!!! Definitely one of my Favorites!! :)

I am glad you had a nice and relaxing weekend. Those are always nice!!!

I am SO with you on school starting!!!

Amanda said...

I love those lazy weekends. I want to order one for me, maybe soon!

Good luck with the bed times! Also, great for Kristin for making the team, woo hoo!

Sounds like you are on a roll with the canning. You are going to love it when its cold outside and you can have fresh fruit! Yummy!

Annie said...


For me, it was The Breakfast Club. Yeah...

~Billie~ said...

Oh my gosh! I love that movie! I NEED to go rent it now! Good luck with bed times. I'm not looking forward to getting everyone up and ready by 8 each morning - especially while trying to feed the baby. It'll be nice having a quiet house, though!!

Michael B said...

Mmmmm....I love clothes that have been dried on a clothes line. One day my husband is going to come home and find a clothes line in our yard because he refuses to build one. What a wonderful weekend you had! I'm so happy for your children, it sounds like they are off to a great start for the school year!!