Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is the day that God set aside for me; my special day.

I have decided that todays' birthday is the last one I will be counting as I don't feel I need to "rack up" any more years thus making that number get bigger and bigger and look scarier and scarier!

My husband was so kind to call and wish me a Happy B Day and remind me that there are 365 days until I turn 40! much ablighed~
Nothing would make it better unless there was a drag queen dressed as Marilyn Monroe singing me happy birthday. Well, there's always next year!


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

Hope you have a great day.
Take Care,

Kelly A said...


I hope you are having a Wonderful Day and have and even better evening!!! :)

Annie said...

Happy birthday girl!

This is your birthday song - it isn't very long... for turning 40, let me just say that I feel better today than I did in my thirties. I'm stronger both physically and emotionally. There's just something about 40 that makes a woman...


LOL! Have a good one girl! and eat cake for me!

Amanda said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day, and the day isn't over yet! Ms Marilyn may still come knockin!

Amy (wattsup) said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!! I hope you have a super duper fantastic day!


Melis B said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Sweet! I totally had it on my blotter to call you yesterday and missed it. Sorry. I was too busy playing Bejeweled 2 on company time. :) hee hee you would understand right?

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and will have a great year being in your 30's. Yikes to next year~~ man, you are old!!

hee hee

Love and miss you...HUGS,

~Billie~ said...

LOL! The drag queen comment cracks me up! Hope you had an amazing birthday!! ((HUGS))