Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Better get this stuff for back to school!

After reading your many comments about my ranting on the Bookbags not being tax free this past weekend, I decided to look at the "listing" of what was "tax free" and why the bookbags were not.

Bookbags are not (because they are considered luggage) however, a girdle and corsets and corset laces are tax free. I also noticed that slippers, rubber pants and garters and garter belts were all tax free as well.

Better get the kids those rubber pants! Aren't they stylish?

The question of the day: Who the hell created this listing? Is it some 95 year old that thinks we still wear corsets? Garter belts?
Doesn't she look ready for school in her brand new "back-to-school" tax free garter belt?

I have decided to paste the link to the listing of items tax free in Virginia: http://www.tax.virginia.gov/web_pdfs/STHExemptClothing.pdf

Leave it to the state of Virginia to create this kind of listing!


Amy (wattsup) said...

1st of all - hysterical!

2nd WTH???

Back to school or no back to school...who would buy rubber pants? EVER???

HAHA! Thanks for the info!


Kelly A said...

How strange. I would hope that school age kids aren't wearing corsets and garters:) Too funny!

I think I will have to take advantage of the "tax free" day for some items for myself next year!! Hee Hee!!

Amanda said...

That is crazy! Why would the "state" create a tax-free weekend and limit it to just the 95-year old gear?!?! The state placed the tax free weekend during the back to school shopping season and limit it to exclude book bags? OMG!

Annie said...

So I haven't been here in a couple days and when I DO get here there are rubber pants on your post. I'm thinking WTH? I mean, really!

Then I read about taxable items and I'm still lost. See, I live in Oregon. We have no sales tax, just unbelievably high property tax. Althought they would like to jam a sales tax down our throats, so far, it's a no go.

But back to the subject at hand.

Don't you think ALL girls (and some boys for that matter) need a matching corset and garter? I mean really! Doesn't everyone start their day by pouring themselves into one of these ancient torture chambers?

Sheeessh! What's the world coming to?