Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend updates

We hung out at the house this past weekend and worked in the garden, watched movies and I managed to make 6 dozen Blackberry cookies, canned 13 pints of salsa and canned 8 pints of blackberry jelly.

I also layed out in the sun on Sunday while reading A Wolf at the Table and I fell asleep. NO, it wasn't because of the book. The book is fantastic and really sheds light on my life growing up and my childrens lives as they grow up, however, whenever I am laying in the sun, its like I go into a "Sun coma" and I fall asleep for hours and I did, I burned up. Crispy fried!

Here are some of the movies I recommend if you haven't seen them:

Drillbit is hysterical and College Roadtrip is cute.

National Treasure . . WOW, great movie.

Semi-Pro I did not see however, my son and husband enjoyed it.

The Ruins was OK but Shutter was completely stupid. I sure do miss the good ole horror flicks!

This weekend we are venturing to Carowinds located in North and South Carolina. JD's employer gave us tickets, a parking pass and food money for a day of family fun. All we have to do is pony up for the uel! Not a bad deal huh? http://www.carowinds.com/#actions.

This is Southwest VA's - Kings Dominion!

I am totally looking forward to the water park!!! Here I come wave pool!


Amanda said...

Have a great weekend! I'm happy you like the book too.

I will check out the Carowinds for when we have Zack in VA next week. Thanks for posting the link too!

Amy (wattsup) said...

You are too funny!

Wear your sunblockt his weekend...your covering might not light being fried crispy two weekends in a row!!

Amy :)

Kelly A said...

Man I'm bummed that Shutter was stupid. I have been looking forward to seeing that one:(

I hope your sunburn heals quickly. That always sucks. Especially for us girls since we have to wear bras!!

Annie said...

Ouch! Sorry you burned but man you accomplished a lot last weekend! We won't have tomatos to can until late August about the same time I make pickles. Crazy time o' year!

Melis B said...

Hey chicky....I miss you!!

Tell everyone I said HI!!


Michael B said...

Have fun at Carowinds! What a great treat for your family. Please bring back pictures to share!!