Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Pics

Kristin sleeping on the way to Winchester Saturday Morning.

Kristin taking a picture of the snake on our driveway. He was about 4-5 ft. long and gross!!!

SIL Janet with her baby goat born Friday Night. (She wasn't even a day old yet)

The goats at my brother and SIL's house!

My SIL giving us a little show!

Pepper is on top (mommy of the little black goats) and the daddy is on the right and his name is Seasonall.

Matt at the ped's office for his sports physical; acting like a complete dork.


Michael B said...

The pictures of your kids crack me up! It's encouraging to know that one day "kids" eventually WANT to sleep a lot!!

Amy (wattsup) said...

What fun pics! I can really see your kids personalities in goats are so cute - isn't the noise they make alarming though? Sounds like a kid crying :)