Monday, June 30, 2008


The fawn we have been seeing is a twin!

We saw them both for the first time with momma. She didn't let them stray more than 2 feet from her. It rained all day yesterday (WHHOOOPPPIIIEEEE!!!) so they were only out for about 5 minutes.

We are trying to come up with names for them since we named her momma and her twin Foxy and Roxy. So far, we think we will call them: Ellie and Nellie! (since we don't know if one or both are fem's, we will stick with these until we see otherwise).


Jamie said...

That is just two cute. We don't really see as much wildlife here as I thought we would. When we lived in our townhouse in Ashburn we saw deers on a daily basis in our backyard.

BTW love the names. Also so sorry about the home problems that really sucks!

Hope it gets better for ya. Also glad you finally got some rain.
Have a great week.

Kelly A said...

OMG....That is SO sweet!!! How awesome to see baby twin deer in your back yard!!!

Man I LOVE your's like a fairy tale!!

Amanda said...

I love the names, Ellie & Nellie! So cute!

Annie said...


Amy (wattsup) said...

How cute and sweet. I like the name may be a while before you know if they are male or female - I think antlers are a good indicator though- however long it takes that to happen...hahaha!


Michael B said...

Gosh, I love your backyard! ; ) If only you were closer, I'd raid your garden for the berries and the veggies that are going to start popping soon!!

The names are precious! We could use some help in the name department. ; )

Hope you're having a great week,