Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Job!

Day one: I was SO nervous that I literally made myself sick on my stomach and had a horrible headache. However, everyone is SUPER nice and easy to speak to! I went home and crashed! I actually had to work for a change. I love the challenge of learning new things and learning them quickly!

Day two: Much better day! A lot busier however very eventful. When they assigned me a entry key-card, the man responsible deleted everyone else out so only I had building access. It was funny - one of those you had to be there.

Things to look forward to: Every Friday is ice cream day. YEP - Corporate stocks the freezer with tons of ice cream.

I will say that my last day my "new" and only friend here in the NRV, MANDY, took me to lunch for my last day at Macado's. It was FANTASTIC. I think it may even be better than Chili's? (I haven't had Chili's in about 1.5 years so I guess, I have to move on).


Amanda said...

It sounds like you are fitting wonderfully into the corporate world :) Ice cream, huh? Nice perk! I'd take that job!

Kelly A said...

I am SO glad your new job is going good!! How GREAT is ice cream day!! That's awesome!!

I am looking forward to hearing more about it!

Annie said...

Hurray for the job! Hurray for you! Hurray for lunch with friends!!!!

Amy (wattsup) said...

I'm so happy to hear that is is going well. Ice cream Friday's ROCK!

Do you have any idea how jealous you just made me with th reference to Macado's? My favortie sandwich is the Ty Cobb! MMM!