Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MMM Berries!!

Sunday I decided to put my berries to use! I made raspberry muffins, blueberry muffins, a blueberry pie and raspberry jam.

Tonight I will go out and collect more berries for more jellies and jams.

Also: We had a birth! One of our twin doe deer (we named them Foxy and Roxy) became a mother last week. We have only seen her little one once and boy is he/she cute! Full of spots and new to walking!

Interesting tidbit: Last year when we moved in, I saw Foxy and Roxy when they were fawns full of spots; therefore this is quite exciting for us to see them as moms. I just hope when hunting season comes around, Matt doesn't kill one of them!


Amanda said...

Yummy, sounds like you had a great weekend for baking. Its always better when things are fresh.

How exciting to have baby deer in your backyard. I bet he/she is so cute its learning to walk.

Annie said...

I'll be making strawberry jam tomorrow morning! I can't wait for blueberries, but it'll be a few weeks on my side of the world before they're ready to pick.

Amy (wattsup) said...

So I am catching up on your blog and between this post and the last one about Macado's - I had to get a are making me so hungry woman :) Homemade jam is the best...your family is so lucky to have you!!! :) Tell Bambi I said wassup!