Monday, June 16, 2008

It's berry pickin' time!

This weekend was great! It was the official start to my "berry picking". I am hugely addicted to picking berries; blueberries and raspberries and blackberries! After the blueberries and raspberries are done comes blackberry season . . umm mmm mmm!

It sounds weird but I seem to be in my element when I am out venturing for these little guys! Luckily my blueberries are right in my yard so thats easy picking; well, as long as the deer don't beat me too them! The raspberries aren't as easy. The worry of snakes is on the list but not as high up as the poison ivy. We have nasty vines of the stuff everywhere. However, nothing stops me. JD decided to scare me on Saturday evening by throwing rocks into the woods making me think it was a snake. However, it didn't stop me. Well, not yet at least since I haven't seen a snake yet. Kristin did however see another snake last Friday the 13th but all we could see was his outline in the dirt where he lay sunning his skin.

We are also getting lots and lots of radishes and spring onions from the garden. This weekend was the first time we got peas. We don't have many since we haven't had any rain. We finally got rain on Saturday evening however, I think the peas may be done. Therefore, I am going to replant them this weekend!

On another tangent, Matt and I watched the movie Sleepers Saturday night. I, of course, had seen it before, however, Matt had not. It was so refreshing for him to understand the story and realize how tough things were for kids. As I sit weeping for these children, he never once laughed at me for crying. He merely put his hand on my knee and said, "That sure is sad. I can't imagine what is going through their minds."


Amanda said...

mmm, berries. I love all sorts of berries too and they are even better fresh. Good for you!

Amy (wattsup) said...

This post made me hungry! My tummy literally stared gorlwing while reading...everything looks so delicious and the colors are so pretty! I'm jealous :) I love fresh fruit and veggies, but I'm too lazy at this point in life to follwo in your footsteps!


Jamie said...

Your berries look awfully yummy. Fresh fruit and veggies from you own backyard are the best. Yummy! Sorry about no rain, we had one heck of a storm yesterday.

Have a great week.
Take Care,

Kelly A said...

I am SO jealous. My Dad always took us berry picking. I haven't been for years and years:(

I hope you have been enjoying them!!!....I'm sure you have though...silly statement:)

I think I would have so much fun hanging out in your yard!! :)