Monday, May 5, 2008

What a weekend!!!

WOW, the weather was unbelievable this weekend allowing us to get our garden planted!!!!! I actually have room for some more stuff so I went and bought watermelon and cantalope seeds (YUK says me!). We weren't going to plant beans but now we are. We will probably just pick them and give most of them away. We also planted 27 tomato plants and 42 pepper plants (varieties) for the salsa I make. I really hope everything does as well as last year!

Sunday we planted cucumber, pickling cucumbers, zucchini and squash. Ithen weeded two flower beds, planted canna lillies and realized that I was getting very sore . . . . sunburn! Not to mention my whole body aching from all the bending over, squatting and stretching. I am so out of shape it is not even funny.
Now I just need to weed around the pond ~ ugh! I hate weeding around the pond!
Tonight we also have Kristin's choral program. Funny thing about this, if she doesn't go, she gets an F for not attending. UH, I thought it was extra~curricular. GEEZ. Matt is really excited because he wants to laugh at her and all of his friends that are there singing.
I think it will be much fun. I asked her if they had her standing in the front or the WAY back. She got mad. I was merely wondering where she was standing so I can take pics. Geez....


Kelly A said...

It is so funny reading your stories about your kids!! I think (or hope anyways) that I might spend the boys teenage years in hysterics!!

I hope the choral program goes well!!!!

Many props to seem to be a planting/gardening machine!! :)

Amanda said...

Wow! You did a ton this weekend, good for you. I'm glad the weather held out this time so you can get everything done. Its funny how you love doing a certain yard chore in one area and then dread it in another. It happens to everyone!

Mrs. Annie said...

You are making me want to get out there and dig in the dirt. Really, dig...we only have shovels and after digging a garden bed two years in a row, I've gone on strike. LOL!

Amy said...

Another super packed and very productive weekend! I hate weeding is just an annoying task!

Sibling love is so funny! Your kids remind me of my brother and I a lot, so I enjoy these stories tons!