Thursday, May 15, 2008


I picked Matt up from practice on Tuesday and he gets in and immediately says, I had a FABULOUS day today. Of course I said really, why? He then tells me he aced his Earth Science SOL test (the only SOL he has this year) and then he found out that he is lettering (as a Freshman) in Golf and Track & Field. He also informed us that he will have 10 credits towards his 21 graduating credits this year. That leaves him with three more years of school and only 11 credits remaining. Of course, 21 is for the general diploma; therefore, he is going to graduate with an Academic as long as he continues with his grades and credits.

PROUD - PROUD - PROUD! ! ! ! !

Kristin passed and is moving on to 7th grade! We are so proud of her because she seemed to struggle in school in Winchester. Here, school seems to be more "up her alley" if you know what I mean. Maybe a change of scenery is good for some! We were so afraid they wouldn't adjust nor succeed; not so.

PROUD - PROUD - PROUD ! ! ! ! !

Unfortunately, its me that isn't adjusting and succeding. Oh well, maybe one day.

More Proud moments: I got my nephew's graduation announcement in the mail yesterday!!!! How exciting! I cannot believe he is graduating. He is a great kid that I love so much. Funny tidbit, when we got the announcement, I noticed that it was in his handwriting. Funny thing, I had never seen his handwriting much to realize it. This morning, I read the Winchester Star and see an article on Tuesday that my SIL Janet M. Jackson was interviewed at the Post Office with his announcements. Danukus is the first of my mom's grandchildren to graduate!


Mrs. Annie said...

Great things happening with the kiddies! Awesome!

Now about you? Hmm? What's up?

Kelly A said...

How GREAT for Matt and Kristin!!! I can imagine how proud you must be!

Matt must be totally stoked at how great he is doing! Only 11 credits left...He'll be able to get those plus more in the next two years and then have a kick ass senior year!!! Man those were the days!!!

I'm sorry you aren't adjusting as well as the kids. Just hang in there, it will get easier! I have been here in Winchester for almost three years now and have just recently reached contentment about it!! Change is hard...but before you know it, it will be like you've been there forever!! Plus you have that AMAZING pond to relax by!!! :)

Amanda said...

WOW! What amazing achievements for everyone.

Amy (wattsup) said...

This is all such wonderful news and I was totally smiling for you as I was reading! Way to go Matt and Kristen...moving and change can be challenging, but it looks like the kiddos are doing a fantastic job!

As for are fantastic too!! Focus on what you want :) it will all fall into always does!


~Billie~ said...

Woo Hoo!! Sounds like you have a lot to be proud of! Congrats to your kids!