Thursday, April 24, 2008

Track & Field at The Fort

The track meet was great! The weather was great! I was so surprised at my son. He usually is only concerned about GOLF. Everything GOLF; however, he really does seem to enjoy track and field events. Being an overweight kid in this day and age is bad enough but he really does try as hard as he can. He doesn't let his weight become an issue. He really does rise above it . . .really makes me proud to be his mom!!! This is his first year joining the track team and surprisingly he is pretty good at it!
Matt competes in shotput, discus and the 4 by 1 relay. He isn't fond of the shotput and I see him not doing it next year. However, discuss is an event he is showing some promise! His distance when he began was like 30 ft. He is now over 80 ft; with the top guy throwing 120 ish feet. The 4 by 1 is what they call the "fat mans" race. (I don't know exactly who named this relay but I would like to find him and show him how a fat mom feels about that name). ~I know its a him because a woman wouldn't be that dumb ~

(3 of the members of the 4 by 1 relay) The boy in the red hat hands off to Matt and the boy to the left of Matt is the last leg)

Matt and BF Sam

Cute story: Matt's track coach is one of his teachers. Every time they have a meet, the coach/teacher sends Matt and Sam to make Gatorade for the team. Apparantly it takes them exactly 1 hour (the full 7th period) to make this Gatorade. An hour? It does not take an hour to make! Funny thing is, everybody on the track team kept saying, "Man this is good Gatorade"! Even the coach was saying, tmmm this is really good! Funnier yet, one of the other schools at the meet kept spitting their Gatorade out because they said it tasted bad! The poor girl that made it was constantly reminded of how she cannot make Gatorade right. Maybe they should have Matt and Sam make theirs; only downfall, they need at least an hour to make it or a class to miss!!!

The Fort Chiswell Pioneer Boys and Girls team won!!! They beat three surrounding county schools: Bland County, Grayson County and Narrows. The Pioneers are still UNDEFEATED - WOO HOO!!!


Mrs. Annie said...

Hurray for Matt! He sounds like a go getter and that is awesome!

Amanda said...

That's great! It looks like he really enjoy's himself and he is doing a great job at track & field.

The story about the gatorade is so cute. I guess it takes time to perfect something! I can relate to gatorade that is too watered down, it happened all the time in high school for me.

Watts Up said...

Way to go Matt! I loved what you said in the first paragraph of the post (and I can relate - a story I'd have to tell you offline); it is so great the Matt ahs increased his throwing distance that much already & I agree with him...I much prefer the discuss over shot-put anyday! Just makes you feel like you did more...

What do you think they do to the gatorade to make it so yummy? Extra powder perhaps?? :) I knwo I would!