Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday~

Here is my Tackle it Tuesday.

Our medicine cabinet is a complete and utter mess. Therefore, after seeing other "Tackles", I was inspired to organize. Thank goodness for the Dollar Tree!!!

My husband actually said that he didn't see a difference.

Uh, really?
Can you see which one is cleaner?


Mrs. Annie said...

I haven't actually tackled anything on this Tuesday, maybe next week. Your cupboard looks very, very neat and tidy. Great job dahling!

~Billie~ said...

My husband is the same way! Men! It looks great. I really need to tackle my medicine cabinet, as well. A task I am dreading...

Watts Up said...

Great job missy! I think it looks wonderful! It is so nice to open a closet and not have the clutter smack you in the face...go figure that *most* men don't notice these things! :)

Amanda said...

Great job! My husband is the same way. I have to point things out when its either been cleaned or fixed.

Jennifer said...

Maybe he's teasing you? Um, that is a huge difference! Mine was a wreck and it felt so good to get it all organized.
This morning at 1 am when my daughter woke up with a fever, it was nice to grab the basket with the correct stuff in it and not to have to search throught the cabinet for what I needed!
You did a great job - whether he can appreciate it or not - so good for you!