Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring . . . Spring . . . Spring!

The weather is fantastic!!! It was 79 degrees yesterday and a possibility of the same today! However, the outlook for Thursday isn't as pleasant; a high of 49 degree and rain.

JD and I have worked our butts off on our pond in the front yard and are just about ready to plug it in for the spring and summer. We are going to put in a better pump and the local fire department will be helping us fill it (for a donation which is great since they are only 4 miles from us). We are so excited as we have put a lot of time into this. Our son also helped out by removing the millions and millions of tadpoles to be. Out son Matt was the "kin killer" and was absolutely hysterical the entire time as he was talking like the ever so missed Steve Irwin saying "cranky we gotta frog thats dangerous!" After a little bit he would say eeeewww look mom holding the skimmer full of eggs. As he discarded them, he would say (to the frogs), thats my boys! What a weirdo.

I hope the weekend is going to be nice as I am itching to begin gardening! This weekend we are hoping to get Onions, Okra, Radishes and Peas planted.


Kelly A said...

The pond sounds beautiful!! I can't wait to see pics!

I long to have a graden in this house!! I love planting and growing things!!

Watts Up said...

I cracked up reading about Matt's immitation - how funny! Sometimes I can't believe how much work ya'll do in the yard! Got get'em! And please show pics :)

Mrs. Annie said...

Gardening? We had frost on everything the last two mornings! I envy you!!!

And thanks so much for your kind words on my's been a rough day :(

Amanda said...

I know what you mean about the beautiful weather! Being in VA last Thursday and Friday, it was beautiful! Thanks for the suggestion on the civic center. The home show was taking place last weekend, but I will keep that in mind for the summer.

Jennifer said...

The weather seems to be nuts this year! I've so enjoyed the beautiful days and warma temps this week. And today it is quite chilly! Sheesh!
I wish I was a gardener - I love the results, just don't care for the work! Thankfully hubby likes it more than I do. We planted a few things last year, and I hope 'we' are going to do more this year!