Monday, April 14, 2008

I love fun weekends!

Upon arriving home Friday evening, our latest addition to our "Hokie" room arrived:

Saturday Matt and JD went to play golf at Skyland Lakes and Kristin and I went to the movies and saw Prom Night. We really both enjoyed this movie. It had scare factor and of course there are a few of the "I know what's coming next" moments but it was a good movie.

Once everyone had gotten home, we then ventured out for Matt's birthday dinner. (every birthday the kids get to pick where they would like to eat). This year Matt picked Kimono Japanese in Wytheville. We kept teasing Matt that we would tell our waitress it was his birthday but he said he wouldn't go in. Therefore, I had to be the "good mom" and promise I would not do it. Matt forgot to cover all bases - JD and Kristin. While the chef was keeping everyone entertained, JD managed to initiate the deed! After everyone was done eating, they came out with an ice cream sundae and played drums, played music and everyone in the restaurant sang to Matt. He was PISSED!!! He kept telling me how mad he was at me that I did it and then I had to break it to him that it wasn't me. While I was waiting to pay, he ran out and got in the car. HEHEHE.

Sunday morning was cold and yucky! It would mist then stop, mist then stop. Laundry, vacuuming and baking Matt's cake were the only things on my agenda for the day. Every year its the same for Matt: Pink cake with Pink icing (Strawberry). Ironically, this was my cake selection yearly on my big day as a kid too!!! AAAWWWW . . . tear. Matt decided that he couldn't wait for his cake so we celebrated yesterday! We sang and he blew.
Matt, I hope your wish comes true as there is no one more deserving than you! I love you~ mom


Mrs. Annie said...

Well, Happy birthday Matt!

That's so funny about the his not wanting to go in if ya'll were going to tell the staff it was his birthday! I usually don't say a word, until we're already eating...

So, our boys were born on the same day. They both have blue eyes and brown hair. Funny, small world ain't it?

Watts Up said...

ROTFLOL! It is so embarrassing to be made the center of attention in a restaurant and with drums no less! Poor guy! Next time he'll know to cover the bases good and tell everyone!!! I'm glad you all had a nice time & reading about the cake just made my tummy growl!