Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Early presents are the best presents!!

Matt's birthday isn't until next Monday, but because his mom and dad can't keep surprises very well, we caved and gave him his present early. He has been wanting this club and I finally found it.

Matt and JD spent most of the weekend at the club playing golf. JD has confessed that the driver has improved Matt's game as he now can out drive his dad!!!
My son eats, sleeps and lives for Golf and anything that has to do with Tiger Woods.

Cute and true story: Matt came home from school a couple days ago and said he was so mad at Tiger's web page because it showed his "other club". Confused I said huh? He said that when he and his friend looked it up it was promoting another kind of Wood; if you know what I mean! The mother that I am first laughed then said what was the website? He said it was something like Tiger'sgotwood.com. I just about fell off the chair laughing. Uh Matt, I think you went into the wrong website! He was shocked that someone would do that. I love that he still has a little innocence left.


Amanda said...

Oh, he's so cute! Its great there is still little innocence left since I thought just like you when I read the webpage! Thanks for the laugh!

Kelly A said...

LOL!!! Too Funny:)

I think it's great that Matt and his Dad play golf together!! My husband can't wait for that day to come!!

I must confess.....I think golf is BORING. I just don't get it!!!

The Sweet Family said...

I honestly despise golf! I totally don't get it. I totally think golf is by far one of the dumbest sports ever.

My husband will say to me, "come outside and I'll show you some strokes". Maybe you could learn and we could go play together. Ah no thank you.

Watts Up said...

HYSTERICAL! ABSOLUTELY TOO FUNNY! OMG! Innocence is something that you tend to forget about as time passes...well, what it felt like every time you learned something "new"...having the Ah-HA moment! And then your comment is even funnier!!!

Melis B said...

You are SO funny!! I'm sure Matt loves that you posted that....you are too much!!

I miss you TONS Sweet. We sure could use some laughs at this place. It's just not the same without you!!


Michael B said...

Oh my goodness!! What a precious story about Matt. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it in about fifteen years. HeHe...