Thursday, April 3, 2008

BYE, BYE Birdie . . .

The Sweet Family saved a life! Well, JD did, I just freaked out and grossed out . . . then grabbed the camera because only at the Sweet Home does crap like this happen. A dove is stuck in our squirrel feeder.

It seems that a dove got into the feeder because he thought the food there was better than the other feeders I have filled with birdseed throughout the yard. I actually felt sorry for the dove because he was beating his head on the glass because he was so scared.

Getting it out was the plan of attack. We pondered over gloves, etc.. then JD just grabbed his tail feathers and pulled him out and off he flew! We sure hope he is ok! We know his butt is probably sore from losing quite a few feathers and he probably had a concusion; but he's alive! If he wants to be mad, he needs to be mad at either the squirrels for tearing the feeder up thus causing him to go in and get stuck or blame himself for being curious!

We had this feeder in our yard when we lived in Winchester for approximately 7 years and it suffered the normal wear and tear but not like it is now! Poor birdie!


Amanda said...

That's so strange! I've never heard of that before, but I guess when a bird is determined, they do stupid things! At least its out know and like you said, it should be mad at itself or the stupis squirrels!

Mrs. Annie said...

Yep, some days you're the squirrel and some days you're the dove stuck in a squirrel feeder with humans scaring the crap outta ya. Yep, some days are just like that.

Melis B said...

You are hysterical. Your right though...only at the Sweet's!! Only you actually!! :)

Miss you Sweet.


Watts Up said...

WOW! Thank goodness you found the little rascal before too much time may have been a little more difficult to have a funeral for the dove...JK!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Poor thing! So glad you all were able to rescue it!