Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April showers bring may flowers..... oh shut up!

OK, I am offically sick and tired of rain! Every weekend we have had rain. This past weekend we had "torrential downpours" (In my book) on Saturday evening and rain all day Sunday until 6pm. On Saturday before the rain started, we started planting our garden and got a couple rows in. I guess getting started is better than not getting any in. Another pisser: Meteorologists called for cloudy and 78 on Saturday. It was drizzly and 61. Come on, I want that job. Be completely wrong and still get paid. I wonder if weathermen get "written up" for being a percentage off? I think I will look into this career path. I know I can't do any worse.

Since the days were so crappy, we rented movies. I loved I am Legend and Juno. Knocked up was very funny and had a cute story. As for Enchanted, I wasn't too crazy about this film. My daughter on the other hand enjoyed it!

Monday: showers and cool
Tuesday: drizzly and cool
Wednesday: I hear more rain and cool. . .

Matt has a track meet at home (first home meet this season) on Wednesday so I hope the rain will hold off! HEHEHE This will be the first time EVER me seeing him compete in track and field. He does shot put, discuss and some sort of relay.


Kelly A said...

I have heard great things about Juno. I keep meaning to rent that one. I really enjoyed I am Legend too! It was completely different than what I thought, but still good:)

This weather is starting to grate on my nerves. I am SO praying it will clear up soon!!

~Billie~ said...

I'd take the rain over our weather anyday! LOL! We've been getting snow and wind up to 65 MPH - pulling out trees and knocking over everything. Crazy!

Nope, I'm not in Pilot Mountain, NC... never heard of it. Off to do a google search. =)

Amanda said...

We watched Juno on sunday and loved it! It was such a down to earth story and Ellen Page was wonderful!

Good luck with the clearer weather. I agree, I wish I could be wrong at 90% of my job and still receive a pay check! I will keep my fingures crossed the weather will hold out for Weds meet!

Hopefully soon you will be able to finish your garden too!

Watts Up said...

First off, great post! I was cracking up at your comments about meteorologists - you are so right! I'm over the rain, I know it could be worse, but a nice day every now and then is no longer working for me! Today has been better though :)

I loved Juno (as you know) and I think Knocked Up was a lot better than I anticipated...I need to look into the others...well, at least I am Legend!

That is so awesome about Matt's track meet...he is probably real excited that you will be there!

Keeping my fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow, AMY

Mrs. Annie said...

"I want that job, be completely wrong and still get paid!" Love it!

I didn't care for Enchanted the first time, but the second time I found more to like. Haven't seen any of the others, but am looking forward to Juno.

And about that rain, I live in the Pacific Northwest. It's true what they say about us, we do have webbed feet!

Jennifer said...

Feel free to send some of that rain my way! We need it so badly. I'd love to have a summer withought drought restrictions again!
But I'm totally cracking up on your comments - so true that they don't have to be right to get paid!

Interesting - I actually really liked Enchanted, and didn't care for Knocked Up so much. I haven't seen the other two, but they are on my list. My son keeps saying he wants to see I Am Legend, but I think we will need to check it out first - I'm thinking I'm thinking that's not going to be a good one for him to see.

I hope for you, the rain lets up...but really...send it my way! LOL!