Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Wordless Wednesday

I was busy with the camera last night!

Our onions are out of the ground . . .

Who knew grapevines were so beautiful!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 28, 2008

April Showers continue!

YEP, still raining!

Saturday was a beautiful day! It was well in the 80's and HOT. However, the evening shower we had really cooled things down; including the house! (Stewart totally hates the rain!!!) Its even worse when there is thunder! Poor little guy.
Good ole' Max always has time to stop and smile for the camera!!

Our weekend chore list didn't get completed but I really felt like we got a lot accomplished!
Mowing - DONE
Gutters - Cleaned out but no time for gutter guard

New pond pump installed and working - DONE

Planting of garden seeds - Well, Saturday we got the okra finished and started planting peas when the rain came in! We noticed Sunday morning that the onions are peeking out of the ground. I hope to get some pics as the garden begins to "bloom".
Since there was nothing on tv Saturday, we decided to visit our movie library in the search of a good thriller. We all agreed upon The Ring. Matt and I have seen this movie many times before but it still scared the crap out of us. Everytime there was a spooky part, Matt would visit the inside of his shirt. Kristin refused to watch the movie because she knew it was scary. Where was JD? He fell asleep; it was past beer-thirty!

Sunday - cloudy and cool, however, a chance of rain was in the forecast! JD disagreed; he was going by our "weather stick"! He and the stick were totally wrong; rain, rain, rain Sunday afternoon!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Forecast: Rain

It looks like we are going to have another soggy weekend. I know we need the rain but just part of each day would be ok with me, really!!!

Here is our list of things that we would like to accomplish ~ weather permitting of course:

- Plant Canna lillies

- Plant veggie seeds in the garden

- Buy and insert new pond pump

- Sharpen lawnmower blades

- Clean out gutters and install gutter guard

- Finish Mowing

- Start weeding flowerbeds

This is my starter list. If I could get all of this done this weekend plus the regular laundry and cleaning, I will be very happy. If not, there's always next weekend.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Track & Field at The Fort

The track meet was great! The weather was great! I was so surprised at my son. He usually is only concerned about GOLF. Everything GOLF; however, he really does seem to enjoy track and field events. Being an overweight kid in this day and age is bad enough but he really does try as hard as he can. He doesn't let his weight become an issue. He really does rise above it . . .really makes me proud to be his mom!!! This is his first year joining the track team and surprisingly he is pretty good at it!
Matt competes in shotput, discus and the 4 by 1 relay. He isn't fond of the shotput and I see him not doing it next year. However, discuss is an event he is showing some promise! His distance when he began was like 30 ft. He is now over 80 ft; with the top guy throwing 120 ish feet. The 4 by 1 is what they call the "fat mans" race. (I don't know exactly who named this relay but I would like to find him and show him how a fat mom feels about that name). ~I know its a him because a woman wouldn't be that dumb ~

(3 of the members of the 4 by 1 relay) The boy in the red hat hands off to Matt and the boy to the left of Matt is the last leg)

Matt and BF Sam

Cute story: Matt's track coach is one of his teachers. Every time they have a meet, the coach/teacher sends Matt and Sam to make Gatorade for the team. Apparantly it takes them exactly 1 hour (the full 7th period) to make this Gatorade. An hour? It does not take an hour to make! Funny thing is, everybody on the track team kept saying, "Man this is good Gatorade"! Even the coach was saying, tmmm this is really good! Funnier yet, one of the other schools at the meet kept spitting their Gatorade out because they said it tasted bad! The poor girl that made it was constantly reminded of how she cannot make Gatorade right. Maybe they should have Matt and Sam make theirs; only downfall, they need at least an hour to make it or a class to miss!!!

The Fort Chiswell Pioneer Boys and Girls team won!!! They beat three surrounding county schools: Bland County, Grayson County and Narrows. The Pioneers are still UNDEFEATED - WOO HOO!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April showers bring may flowers..... oh shut up!

OK, I am offically sick and tired of rain! Every weekend we have had rain. This past weekend we had "torrential downpours" (In my book) on Saturday evening and rain all day Sunday until 6pm. On Saturday before the rain started, we started planting our garden and got a couple rows in. I guess getting started is better than not getting any in. Another pisser: Meteorologists called for cloudy and 78 on Saturday. It was drizzly and 61. Come on, I want that job. Be completely wrong and still get paid. I wonder if weathermen get "written up" for being a percentage off? I think I will look into this career path. I know I can't do any worse.

Since the days were so crappy, we rented movies. I loved I am Legend and Juno. Knocked up was very funny and had a cute story. As for Enchanted, I wasn't too crazy about this film. My daughter on the other hand enjoyed it!

Monday: showers and cool
Tuesday: drizzly and cool
Wednesday: I hear more rain and cool. . .

Matt has a track meet at home (first home meet this season) on Wednesday so I hope the rain will hold off! HEHEHE This will be the first time EVER me seeing him compete in track and field. He does shot put, discuss and some sort of relay.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We remember . . . April 16, 2007

It's amazing that everyone says they know exactly where they were when 9.11 happened.

Do you remember where you were 4.16.07?

On the morning of April 16, 2007, the campus of Virginia Tech experienced acts of horror so unspeakable and unimaginable that, even now, our minds cannot fully grasp them. The shooting tragedy that occurred has nonetheless irrevocably changed both our university and our nation.
Equally hard to imagine are the depths of profound and limitless sorrow felt by all members of the university community, particularly the families, friends, colleagues, and classmates of those who died here that day. They have lost sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, spouses, friends, classmates, and professors in a sudden and senseless act of horrific violence, and they must learn to live with agonizing absences that will never be filled. As a part of the larger Hokie family, we grieve alongside them, our hearts filled with sadness and sympathy.
In the aftermath of such tragedy, it is difficult to determine when it will be time to move ahead and how we will do so. Yet even as I write, I see that our campus sidewalks are crowded with those who have come to mourn and those who are here to learn. Students and faculty are back in their classrooms and their studies are important because teaching and learning are at the heart of this university and will be the foundation of its recovery.
We at Virginia Tech form a special family, one defined not by a single tragic event but by our storied past, a community not frozen in the present but poised to invent our future. The events of April 16 have changed us, to be sure, but they have not--and will not--set us back. Today, we are pressing ahead with a renewed commitment to the university, a deeper understanding of the quality and depth of its character, and a steadfast resolve to excel so that we may honor the memory of those we have lost.

We will prevail.

We are Virginia Tech.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Half of our Tackle was completed on Sunday:

We sorted through all of our empty canning jars and separated them by quart, pint and jelly. The ones that are still full of food were straightened up and grouped. Tonight we are going to start putting lids and rings on EVERY jar we have (Lucky Walmart!). Thanks to a lady at my husbands work, we added approximately 70 jars to our collection (on top of the hundreds of others).

I am so ready to begin canning. This year: Pickles, jellies, jams, preserves, peas, corn and salsa. Green beans are a NO NO this year. We still have 118 quarts leftover from last summer's 200 quart canning.

I also bought this incredible juicer last year so I am hoping my grapes, peaches and apples produce so I can make juices to can. MMM MMM MMM.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I love fun weekends!

Upon arriving home Friday evening, our latest addition to our "Hokie" room arrived:

Saturday Matt and JD went to play golf at Skyland Lakes and Kristin and I went to the movies and saw Prom Night. We really both enjoyed this movie. It had scare factor and of course there are a few of the "I know what's coming next" moments but it was a good movie.

Once everyone had gotten home, we then ventured out for Matt's birthday dinner. (every birthday the kids get to pick where they would like to eat). This year Matt picked Kimono Japanese in Wytheville. We kept teasing Matt that we would tell our waitress it was his birthday but he said he wouldn't go in. Therefore, I had to be the "good mom" and promise I would not do it. Matt forgot to cover all bases - JD and Kristin. While the chef was keeping everyone entertained, JD managed to initiate the deed! After everyone was done eating, they came out with an ice cream sundae and played drums, played music and everyone in the restaurant sang to Matt. He was PISSED!!! He kept telling me how mad he was at me that I did it and then I had to break it to him that it wasn't me. While I was waiting to pay, he ran out and got in the car. HEHEHE.

Sunday morning was cold and yucky! It would mist then stop, mist then stop. Laundry, vacuuming and baking Matt's cake were the only things on my agenda for the day. Every year its the same for Matt: Pink cake with Pink icing (Strawberry). Ironically, this was my cake selection yearly on my big day as a kid too!!! AAAWWWW . . . tear. Matt decided that he couldn't wait for his cake so we celebrated yesterday! We sang and he blew.
Matt, I hope your wish comes true as there is no one more deserving than you! I love you~ mom

What was going on when you were born?

Happy 15th Birthday Matthew David Sweet!!!

The day is April 14, 1993 at 3:00pm and the doctors have announced via C-section "It's a Boy"! (we were told it was a girl). I remember that day like it was yesterday; Melrose Place day! I had a child, a son! One look and I realized that Matthew David would be a suitable name for him. Matthew because it is my most favorite boys name and David is JD's middle name so we felt it was a gracious gift from daddy.
Center pic: Birth
Top left: 3 mos. Top right: 9 mos.
Bottom left: 6 mos. Bottom right: 1 year
Matthew weighed in at 7 lbs. 5oz and was 19 3/4" long. He had blue eyes and brown hair. Because they made me push for over 4 hours before deciding to do the c-section, he was born . . . a conehead.

He was a great baby! He didn't cry much, he was a healthy eater, well behaved and slept 10 hours a night at 6 weeks old. On a not so good note, he was a projectile vomiter and couldn't entertain himself.

Bill Clinton was in office and the unfortunate Waco Cult compound was the significant news event.

Indecent Proposal, The Sandlot and Aladdin were the Hit movies and stirrup pants and boots were the fashion craze!

Matthew's favorite toys were Bert and Ernie and Kitty. (If you look at the pic in his playpen, they are there. They went everywhere with us! He loved to play horsey (bouncing on my knee) and giggled when playing peek-a-boo! You also share your birthday with Sarah Michelle Geller, Abagail Breslin and Anthony Michael Hall.

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . .

Well this week has gone by so fast that I honestly cannot believe it is F-R-I-D-A-Y!!! Yesterday we had to do PI (Physical Inventory) so it was a very busy and LONG day. I don't know how some people do it working in a factory. I honestly "could not hang". The concrete floors killed me. I even feel like my back took a hit as well.

Enough about work, when I left yesterday, I could not believe the weather. What a gorgeous day! While practicing my safe driving skills, I took a picture of the temp ~ 81 degrees.

After looking at this pic last night, I realized there was another anomalie. I am living in SouthWest Virginia and above the temp, it shows I was traveling SW. I thought it was cool. It doesn't take much anymore.

Another thought while driving was how nice it would have been to have the hardtop off of my Jeep so I could put the rag top on and go "topless". However, with the cost of fuel, Jeepers may be keeping her top on this year!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Early presents are the best presents!!

Matt's birthday isn't until next Monday, but because his mom and dad can't keep surprises very well, we caved and gave him his present early. He has been wanting this club and I finally found it.

Matt and JD spent most of the weekend at the club playing golf. JD has confessed that the driver has improved Matt's game as he now can out drive his dad!!!
My son eats, sleeps and lives for Golf and anything that has to do with Tiger Woods.

Cute and true story: Matt came home from school a couple days ago and said he was so mad at Tiger's web page because it showed his "other club". Confused I said huh? He said that when he and his friend looked it up it was promoting another kind of Wood; if you know what I mean! The mother that I am first laughed then said what was the website? He said it was something like Tiger' I just about fell off the chair laughing. Uh Matt, I think you went into the wrong website! He was shocked that someone would do that. I love that he still has a little innocence left.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

BYE, BYE Birdie . . .

The Sweet Family saved a life! Well, JD did, I just freaked out and grossed out . . . then grabbed the camera because only at the Sweet Home does crap like this happen. A dove is stuck in our squirrel feeder.

It seems that a dove got into the feeder because he thought the food there was better than the other feeders I have filled with birdseed throughout the yard. I actually felt sorry for the dove because he was beating his head on the glass because he was so scared.

Getting it out was the plan of attack. We pondered over gloves, etc.. then JD just grabbed his tail feathers and pulled him out and off he flew! We sure hope he is ok! We know his butt is probably sore from losing quite a few feathers and he probably had a concusion; but he's alive! If he wants to be mad, he needs to be mad at either the squirrels for tearing the feeder up thus causing him to go in and get stuck or blame himself for being curious!

We had this feeder in our yard when we lived in Winchester for approximately 7 years and it suffered the normal wear and tear but not like it is now! Poor birdie!

Need sleepy ~

I cannot believe how tired I am these days. I have been nursing a sinus infection however, I think my nursing skills may be expired as I am not getting any better. I took a Zyrtec on Tuesday evening however, it kept me awake most of the night but I started to feel a little better.

Then last night I took another and settled in until I had to go to the school to pick Matt up after his Track & Field meet. I dozed off on the couch and awoke in a sweat to no messages that my kid was back from his meet! I finally got a text message that they should be at the school by 11pm. They actually arrived around 10:45pm but my son forgot to factor in that his school is 20 mins from our house....ugh!!! . After picking him up, we got home around 11:30pm. I immediately slugged into bed and again, wide awake. I must have dozed off again then was woken by JD's alarm at 2am. (he had to be at work at 3am). Getting back to sleep was not an option. The dogs thought it was time to get up and would not go back to sleep. Wouldn't you know I feel WORSE today than I did yesterday. Thank goodness the weekend is near for a little R & R. Well, sorta! We have to mulch, mow, clean house, laundry and anything else that creeps up on my list.

I did manage to take a few pics of the pond before the water is added:

Our Peach Trees are blooming!!!! We are excited since last year they were hit with the snow we got on Easter weekend.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring . . . Spring . . . Spring!

The weather is fantastic!!! It was 79 degrees yesterday and a possibility of the same today! However, the outlook for Thursday isn't as pleasant; a high of 49 degree and rain.

JD and I have worked our butts off on our pond in the front yard and are just about ready to plug it in for the spring and summer. We are going to put in a better pump and the local fire department will be helping us fill it (for a donation which is great since they are only 4 miles from us). We are so excited as we have put a lot of time into this. Our son also helped out by removing the millions and millions of tadpoles to be. Out son Matt was the "kin killer" and was absolutely hysterical the entire time as he was talking like the ever so missed Steve Irwin saying "cranky we gotta frog thats dangerous!" After a little bit he would say eeeewww look mom holding the skimmer full of eggs. As he discarded them, he would say (to the frogs), thats my boys! What a weirdo.

I hope the weekend is going to be nice as I am itching to begin gardening! This weekend we are hoping to get Onions, Okra, Radishes and Peas planted.