Monday, March 10, 2008

We are DONE!!!

Correction: Thanks MelisB for noticing that the "Grammer Queen" made a mistake.

We are done painting the whole house! It was a struggle finishing; however, it looks great.

Since Amy requested to see the paint color, I have decided to share pictures of our favorite room in the house (the den). Can you guess why? We also used this color in the kitchen and entryway.

This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made in regards to paint color. However, JD and I both liked it and agreed on it. Can you believe it, after 17 years, we agree on something? Go figure~

Here is a picture of Matt driving me home Saturday evening from a local convenience store. He drove approximately 5 miles back roads and thehighway. He did fantastic and I couldn't be more proud of his responsibility and maturity while behind the wheel. Whew.... at least I still have about 3.5 years until it is Kristin's turn. YIKES!


Melis B said...

What's a back rodes?

Did you mean 'backroad'?

O~~~ the queen of grammer folks, has made a spelling mistake. I love it.....

Miss you,

Watts Up said...

Hey sugar! The room looks FANtastic and of course I love it! Thanks so much for posting a picutre - great job! I can not imagine how my parents felt when I first got behind the wheel, but I do look forward to the experience one day! Were you using the floorboard for brakes? :)

Michael B said...

Your VT room looks awesome! It reminded me of Extreme Makeover from this past Sunday. A family from just outside of Morgantown WV had their house re-built, with a WVU/football theme family room. : ) You guys have worked SO HARD on your house! I admire your home restoration energy and enthusiasm!! We could use a little of that over here!!

Hope you're having a great day and that your weather is beautiful! It's going to be **60** today!! Spring is on the way!!


~Billie~ said...

Wow! The room looks great! My hubby would love to have one of those helmet decals in his media room... He would be so jealous!

Lily Pad Mom said...

Red can be such a difficult color to choose, that looks great!