Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday!!!

I'm on a roll! We finished the painting so now I am moving on.... YEP, tonight - I tackle (or begin) cleaning the windows. This is not going to be fun as my front windows are low enough for my dogs to constantly put their noses on while scanning the yard before their big break! My plan tonight is to get at least half done! (Only spoiler: rain all day tomorrow)


Amy said...

I was constantly cleaning cat nose prints off my windows in our old house, so I can relate! :)

I'm tackling socks today, not exciting, but needs to be done. It's gray and rainy here, too!

Jennifer said...

My problem isn't animal nose prints, but preschooler nose and hand prints! Have fun!

Oh - and looking for a reason to buy more bins - that cracked me up! But only because I've stood looking at different ones before thining, what can I use these for? LOL!

Rick Rack Attack said...

You go girl! P.S. I think you should wear your St patty's socks any ol' day you feel like it! :D

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Niki said...

Ugh...windows are the worst...good luck!

Great tackle!


Watts Up said...

Um, do you ever stop? Who cleans windowds on a Tuesday night? GO GET'EM Tiger!

Congrats on finishing the painting! That is awesome!

Terri said...

I need to clean my windows something awful! Thanks for the comment on my blog!