Thursday, March 27, 2008

I love NATURE!!!

After working around the yard for about 3 hours yesterday, I was pooped and just couldn't do anymore. I wondered inside (saying under my breath) how tired I was of limbs, weeds, ponds, grass, rocks, gardening and the list goes on and on. Well, that is until I saw this out my kitchen window!
After aweing over the beauty at my back door, I went and visited with our rabbit Snuggles. I only held him briefly as he is really big and hates to be held. (well, they usually like to be held but our daughter, who just HAD TO HAVE this rabbit, hadn't held it since day 3 or 4.) I know many of you are saying why didn't you just say no? Well, two reasons:
  1. We are avid gardners and know that rabbit droppings are FANTASTIC for your plants.
  2. Look at him, could you say no to that face?

And finally, I had to take pictures of my daffodils. These are my most favoritist spring flower ever. (see the miniature one . . isn't she cute?)


Watts Up said...

Oh, how beautiful! Love the pics! You all have an AH-mazing view...I love the peace that comes from looking at the mountains and we are in a perfect state for that! The bunny is adorable...should've taken pics with him on Sunday! HAHA!

Michael B said...

what a view you have!! you've got so much energy, by the way....