Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Well, I guess me looking at a calendar is asking too much! I get to work and see all of these people wearing green. One guy is wearing a green afro. I then realize that today is St. Patrick's Day. I am sooo bummed because MelisB gave me the cutest pair of St. Paddy's day socks (you only get one day to wear them) and I couldn't pull it off!

This weekend was so so busy! We burned LOTS of brush and did a lot of yard clean-up. We also cut up and split the wood from two trees that were lost due to the high wind storm a week or so ago.

It is so hard to believe that this weekend is Easter. Thank goodness for the three day weekend. The kids will be off from school for spring break Friday, March 21 - Wednesday, March 26. They would have been off all next week however, they had two snow days to make up.

Finally, HOW BOUT' THEM MILLBROOK PIONEERS!!! What an amazing accomplishment! On another note, one of the local high schools here, George Wythe Maroons, won their state tournament as well! Happiness is all around!!!


Kelly A said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I think it would be SO awesome to live somewhere that we could burn stuff in our yard!! I LOVE the smell!!

Melis B said...

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Have a good one!!

Melis B said...

Man, I can't believe you forgot the socks~~I have mine on right now!!


Watts Up said...

Happy SPD!!! Put on your socks when you get home tonight! ;)

Michael B said...

This is why we live in a subdivision- both my husband and I are too stinking lazy to get off our butts and burn brush, and chop wood on a Saturday. I bet all that fresh air felt great on Saturday.

Sorry about your socks! I do stuff like that all the time. : )