Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bad luck for me again . . in the name of a job

I have been informed by the company that I am currently temping at that the position that they told me was temp-to-hire now is not! They have decided to "do away" with the position. However, they would like me to stay on until the new system that takes my place, is in great working order. Uh hello, are they new to the workforce? Isn't it always a CYA decision? Not, whats best for them!

Jobs are scarce. Well, thats not totally true, I could work at a fast food establishment: $5.50/hour. Then there is the Sheetz option: $8.75/hour. (which I will say is looking pretty good right now: Remember MelisB: Pump 3 is on, please pay inside when your done). Another good note: I still LOVE the Taco Salads there. However the funniest jobs of them all are the ones at the hospitals, colleges, etc... they are requiring an Associates or Bachelors degree and the minimal starting pay is $7.50/hour. These jobs offer 1500 work hrs per year and NO benefits . . . lucrative huh? I really want to put on my cover letter, you are absolutely full of s**t if you think people are going to work for that! My husband says that I just need to be patient as I will find something. blah blah blah. On a lighter note, I do have an interview for a position at the same company I am at only at another location. Please say your prayers as I really don't want to go to work at Sheetz! GOD bless you!

Thanks also goes out to Jaime. After reading her post and ranting, I was inspired; therefore I am!

While I am still on my bandwagon, does anyone else think that American Idol sucks this year. The talent to me isn't as good. There are a few good singers but no one that I feel would benefit my cd collection (like Clay, Kelly, Daughtery). I really like little David Archuletta (and I vote for him religiously), however, my favorite is the ever so flamboyant Danny Noriega. What a queen! I love him to pieces!


Watts Up said...

Good luck with the job interview - I will certainly keep you in my thoughts. I'm sure your talents exceed Sheetz (to each their own though). I seem to remember having similar experiences when I tried to find a job in Winchester :)

Kelly A said...

I am having the same problen here in Winchester. The pay absolutely SUCKS here. I just don't know how people to it.

I will say a little prayer for you and wish you good luch with your interview!!

Jamie said...

Glad I inspired you, although I'm not sure which ranting of mine helped. I seem to have been doing kind of a lot of that lately : )
Best of luck on the job hunt.