Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Aunt Em . . was it a twister?

WOW is all I can say about last night! We had wind like I have NEVER felt before. Honestly! I was probably the scaredist (I know, not a word) I have ever been!

Upon going outside to assess the damage this morning, it was not as bad as it sounded. However, we did lose one shutter and our carport ceiling looks like finely shredded cheese. We have paint chips everywhere from the ceiling. It actually looks like it snowed. The basketball hoop was blown over and we had a few trees take one for the team! We will take another assessment this evening in the hopes there isn't anything else! Matt was nice enough to inform me that we will need to have another bonfire real soon. All the work we did a couple weeks ago was a waste. Its just as bad if not worse now. YEP, yard work again this weekend.

On a better note, we are almost completely finished painting. We only have our entryway/laundry and a half bath and we are completely DONE! I honestly could care less if we ever get it done. I am soooooo tired of painting and cleaning. Next: Cleaning the windows...ugh! I really loathe spring and the cleaning that I have to do!

Matt started Track and Field at school on Tuesday. He will be doing shotput and discus. He seems to like it a lot. After track & field . . .GOLF! He is sooo excited. He will be joining the Blue Ridge Junior Golf Tour so he is going to be ready for the golf team next school year.

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Watts Up said...

YAY! A new post :)

The wind was HORRIBLE up here last night too. When we left the moving we were caught in a DOWNPOUR and soaked by the time we got the the car! Sometimes the wind and rain is fun, but not when it messes errryything up! PS - I want to see pics of the paint :)