Friday, February 8, 2008

No blogging . .

Well, I have checked fellow bloggers pages and haven't seen any new updates on your pages as well. So I decided to ramble a little . .

This past week has been primarily uneventful; between working, eating, sleeping and cleaning there really isn't anything else to do! The weather has been nice but the cold is coming back for another spell. Thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time in March.

NO PAINTING this weekend. We still have half of the house to paint but we are taking a break for a couple weeks. I really want to get done but JD and I are totally exhausted!

ON a good note, Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites premiered last night. I totally forgot! We have not been watching too awlful much tv so I guess I didn't see the commercials.

One of my favorite parts is seeing Jeff Probst is in his cute little khaki shorts and boots! I wish he would do a scene without his shirt! That would definitely be Survivor. After Survivor came the Apprentice and I got to see my other man Donald Trump in his sexy pink tie. I don't know what it is but man oh man. (I know Melis B long hair, short hair, bald, lots of hair, short, tall, tattoos, no tattoos, suits, jeans, t's and boots).

The Sweet Family also has a birthday coming up:

~ February 11, 2008 ~

Happy 12th Courtney!!!
Only 1 more year before you are a TEEN!YIKES ! ! !
Make sure Grandma spoils you!
(Thats what she's for)

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Melis B said...

Hey, I was pumped to see Survivor too!! I didn't know it was starting and I was SO excited to see it. I do wish there was some eye candy, like a JP, or something. I'm glad it's on though.

Miss you...Melis