Monday, February 11, 2008

The Love Spud

Last Friday was kind of eventful. We were first treated to this beautiful sky! I honestly cannot believe how excited I can get over nature? Weird for me . . .
I was getting ready to make dinner and upon pulling out a brand new bag of potatoes, the first spud that came out was one we named "the love spud". Isn't it cool?. I then explain to the family my excitement that I picked up the bag that had the "love spud" in it. The spud now resides in my kitchen window and I admire it daily. My husband has reminded me numerous times that I will eventually need to use the potato. However, I have decided I will eat it on Thursday, February 14, 2008; VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! Makes sense to me ~ honor thy love spud!
On Saturday, I took the kiddos to the Wytheville Library so they could get some "internet" time in. Since we live in B.F.E and can't get dial up (but can get Hughes net at $65.00/month - uh . . I think NOT) it was long overdue for them. Matt decided to spend part of his time making fun of the kid beside him watching "BIG FOOT" footage. However, after I reminded him of his time limit, he began to consume all of his time with Tiger Woods.

Kristin focused on Hannah Montana, Disney and Disney games. There was a guy beside her that put on ear plugs because she was playing a game that sounded like this: tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap . . . . . It was non stop - poor guy!
After groceries, we headed for B.F.E . . I mean home. (SMILE)
I spent some quality time with Kristin cleaning her room. GOOD LORD, I honestly could not believe what I came across. She is absolutely disgusting! I remember as a kid I had a dirty closet and had to clean it on a regular basis. OMG . . I was horrified as to things I found. This is NO LIE, I literally found DVD's not in their boxes to over 35 movies and their empty boxes in lots of different places. I found a half eaten biscuit, potato chip bags, candy/gum wrappers (she must be saving these for something because there were sooooo many), tags off of new clothes, and the list goes on. We took out 4 trash bags of SHIT! (sorry). I cannot tell you how frustrated I was. I had no clue what I was getting into. On a good note, I washed her bedding and hung it outside in the WIND to dry and I was so amazed that when I went into her room this morning, I could still smell that gorgeous outdoorsey smell!
I managed to develop some kind of bug that lasted until Sunday afternoon. I was nice enough to share it with Matt and JD. Luckily Kristin hasn't shown any signs; however she should after the pain I experienced in her room (Just kidding . . well, sorta). I then spent all Sunday evening disinfecting everything. Thanks to Clorox cleanup, my house now smells like a nursing home.


Watts Up said...

This had me completely cracking up! I so remember being that messy at her age; I'd like to deny it, but it is a fact! Love the spud sugar & adoring nature is therapy in and of itself :)

Michael B said...

Your comments about cleaning Kristin's room had me cracking up! The fun things I have to look forward to...I bet she's loving her germ free, outdoorsy scented bedroom!

Also, I loved the picture at the top of your post. The light during the winter months is just amazing, isn't it? And, the potato! Oh my goodness! I wouldn't be able to cook it or cut it, either!!

Hope you're having a great week. It looks like we might get a little snow tomorrow... just a chance! We'll see...

Melis B said...

love the love spud. only you sweet. :)

Miss you

O~another secretary bites the dust at LM. ;)